5 Reasons Why you should Microdose Psilocybin?

microdose psilocybin

What does it mean to microdose psilocybin? It means taking small psychedelics doses every couple of days.  Microdosing is a popular practice these days despite the lack of research in this field. The performance-boosting effects of microdosing primarily attract scientists, engineers, and programmers.  

So, if you have also decided to microdose the psychedelic drugs, psilocybin is a good option. Here’re 5 reasons why you should microdose psilocybin.

1. Your Mood Will Improve

Psilocybin elevates your mood and keeps you away from depression. You’ll notice an apparent positivity in your attitude  if you’re taking small doses of psilocybin. Basically, psilocybin binds to serotonin receptors in your brain to reduce stress and refreshen your mood.   

Like many people, negative thoughts may also haunt you, leaving you depressed. In such a condition, psilocybin is a lifesaver and microdosing psilocybin makes you feel an entirely different person.  Ultimately, you’ll be a person who can enjoy his life to the fullest. 

2. You Will Feel Energetic

Are you the one who often feels lazy and low in energy? If yes, microdosing the psilocybin can help you again.   In a study conducted in 2018, it is indicated that psychedelic compounds affect energy levels positively.

microdose psilocybin 2

3. You Will Become More Creative

Research published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs indicated that a single dose of psilocybin improves creative skills within seven days. Microdosing also produces similar effects.

Creativity affects your professional life positively by boosting your problem-solving skills. Also, you will be ready to tackle obstacles at work with enhanced efficiency. Thus, you can make your professional life better if you choose to microdose psilocybin. 

4. Your Relationships Will Improve

Psychedelics can help you stay connected with your emotions. Once you’re an empathetic person, you’ll see a strong bond with your relations.   You’ll become more trustworthy, honest, and open. You will be more expressive and more open while communicating with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Psilocybin microdosing will help you replace hide all your negative traits with positive relationship qualities. For example, you may get rid of the element of jealousy and become a person who trusts his partner more.  After all, jealousy hides all your positive traits making you feel awful. 

5. You’ll Feel Less Addictive 

Despite being listed as a Schedule I drug, experts are using psilocybin to treat addiction. More specifically, psilocybin can treat smoking addiction, alcoholism, and cocaine dependence. 

Treating addictions is critical because they are the leading cause of many health issues. For instance, chronic alcohol use can cause liver disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart diseases.

A recent study published in The Lancet found that alcohol usage has increased by 70% in the previous 30 years.  Many people, unfortunately, use alcohol for self-medication. But, they don’t realize that they are heading toward bigger health problems. 

Final Thoughts

Starting to microdose psilocybin is good for many reasons. It boosts your mental health and helps you to have a satisfying personal and professional life. However, the full potential of microdosing is yet to be discovered. 

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