What Is Psilocybin? Is it safe to use?

Psilocybin is not well-known as “THC” or “marijuana.”  But its therapeutic potential has aroused people’s interest. 

Psilocybin-containing psychedelic mushrooms are one of the safest traditional drugs. It’s been famous for emotional healing and mental centuries across the globe. 

Its primary use was of a recreational drug until now. However, recent research recommends using this powerful substance to heal a variety of mental health issues. 

Moreover, it’s considered as psilocybin isn’t a common over-the-counter drug. So, you should know about it before using it. Ensure that whether the psilocybin you’re using is right for you or not. 

What is Psilocybin?

The word “psilocybin” may sound unfamiliar to most of us. At the same time, we know it as ” magic mushrooms.”  Despite their stigma, magic mushrooms were a staple of medical and religious practice for thousands of years.

Psilocybin or “Magic” mushrooms


The amazing effects of shrooms are also due to the chemical psilocybin. Likewise, tobacco and cannabis have nicotine and THC as active ingredients.  

Psilocybin is known as the psychedelic dug because of its properties.  it induces feelings of consciousness and introspection. However, the degree of these feelings depends on the dosage size. 

Effects of Psilocybin 

 Microdoses of psilocybin can treat various psychological symptoms. However, higher shrooms doses can induce profound effects. 

Microdoses (200mg or less), produce very mild effects. Some proven benefits of Psilocybin are better memory, mood improvement, enhanced motivation, a sense of serenity, and higher productivity.

Most Importantly, this dose level won’t induce any noticeable psychedelic effects.

The effects will start becoming more evident once you cross the 1g dosage level. Moreover, the incredible euphoria, potent sedation, unstoppable creativity, powerful introspection, and visual hallucination are more likely to occur at the higher doses. 

Negative Effects

Psilocybin has only a few negative effects.  Some of them are dizziness, anxiety, fear, disorientation,  headaches, or nausea. You may have heard the term “bad trip.” Have you ever wondered what is it? Well, it refers to the negative impact on mental health that occurred due to mushroom intake. 

Due to the negative impacts of psilocybin, it’s important to take it in the proper dose. When it comes to psilocybin, “Start low and go slow” is the motto to go. Start by taking the lowest possible dose and increase it slowly. Keep increasing the dose until you don’t feel any discomfort. 

Is Psilocybin Safe?

Studies indicate that Psilocybin is the least toxic substance to consume.  A study conducted in 2013 indicated that psilocybin and other psychedelics do not harm mental health. Moreover, there are also fewer chances for people to develop mental illness. 

Furthermore, there’s no indication of the addictive nature of the mushrooms.

The Legal Status of Psilocybin and the War on Drugs

Like marijuana, mushrooms had witnessed political opportunism and ignorance. The Nixon administration has stopped using it for public health protection after launching its ill-fated “War on Drugs.” 

Truth is more important than any other policy. Even the policymakers knew the lie behind this policy. However, their intention was clear.  They wanted to convict the left-wing “hippies” and African Americans who were against the overall agenda of the Nixon.

The government considered that these groups are drug users to search, arrest, seize and detain them. 

However, the fake scandal about public safety spread. This conspiracy convinced U.N. to ban mushrooms in its convention on Psychotropic substances in 1971. 

Psilocybin is quickly gaining popularity as a feasible treatment for a variety of ailments including PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

Is Psilocybin Good Option for You?

The current legal condition makes consultation with doctors complicated. Besides the alleged risks, they have no understanding or training about the drug. 

Those who take conventional drugs are well-aware of their side effects. Some people can avoid using them entirely due to these issues. 

Are you suffering from depression, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, or any other mental health issue? If yes, just think for a moment beyond the boundaries and consider psilocybin.

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